ELEVATE Neighbourhoods


PRESENTS 'ELEVATE' A series of online workshops helping young people develop a range of digital game-making skills and create short narrative experiences through tech.

The workshop was informative even having done the online tutorial for Ink. Hearing someone talk through it live really clarified the way things work.

ELEVATE participant

I learnt that making a schedule when developing a game is CRUCIAL

Game Anglia - ELEVATE participant

I learned about MakeCode Arcade and all the cool things it can do. I also realized that the jam is about story in a much wider sense than just branching text-based adventures.

Game Anglia - ELEVATE participant

Keep it small for a games jam and team communication is key

Game Anglia - ELEVATE participant

200 engaged in games making sessions
25 games jam participants
8 game projects launched


PRESENT 'It's Not Me, It's You' and Legacy'. Together in partnership, they have given young people a platform to make creative decisions and share their ideas through drama and film.

It was just amazing how we managed to pull it together in the challenging circumstances and how well the young people responded to the changing nature of the project. The films’ thought-provoking themes tell the story of so many young people’s lived experience and are more important now than ever before.

Anna Glarin
Founder and Co-Artistic Director, Waterloo Community Theatre

The editing process can be complex, I enjoyed learning and working through it

ELEVATE Through Film Participant

My favourite part was seeing everyone’s ideas come alive and being part of it

ELEVATE Through Film Participant

My favourite part was editing and joining SFX, audio and seeing the visuals come together

ELEVATE Through Film Participant

1 week film making course
25 young people participated
20 drama sessions delivered


PRESENT 'Two and a half questions' A film produced by young people asking the question, 'how has race shaped your life?'

I learned a lot about videography and really enjoyed the session - it was good to be able to talk about our identity and film.

Two and a Half Questions Participant

The course leader was excellent. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Two and A Half Questions Participant

It pushed me to think differently and consider how to use new skills in my photography

Two and A Half Questions Participant

It was good to learn about how to make video in relation to our identity and ideas/personal experiences

Two and A Half Questions Participant

35 young people participated
37 hours of training delivered
1 final film


PRESENT 'Let The World Begin' A film edited, produced and scripted by young people, based on their answer to the question 'If you could change one problem in the world, what would it be?