Adventures in History

Life Under the Sea

Can you imagine what it would be like to live at the bottom of the sea? The Imperial War Museum interviews Ed from the Royal Navy who tells us all about what it’s like to work on a submarine and spend months living deep beneath the waves. (15 mins).

young woman pointing a camera at viewer

Welcome to my World

Create a map of your world. Think about which places you want to include: what are the places that are important to you, that you miss going to, or bring back lots of memories?

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alien on mars

Journey to Mars

Great Zlod, the friendly leader of Mars, has invited you to visit his planet! Zlod wants you to design your own Space Pod to get there! What will it look like? Where will you go to the toilet? It's time to design!


Rhythm Play Express

Join Dave "Stickman" Higgins from The Spark as he cooks up rhythm recipes of sounds, words and movement to feed the imagination of children in early years. (20 mins).

a dragon

Solidarity message

Write a poem or a note for someone you live with. Where can you put your note where it will be a lovely surprise?

man reading story

Anansi and Turtle go to Dinner

After Anansi the spider tricks Turtle in order to keep his dinner for himself, Turtle turns the tables on Anansi. Read by Duane Gooden, Little Angel Theatre.

olaf falafel sitting at his desk

Art Club with Olaf Falafel

Join Olaf every Monday at 11am for painting and drawing, or catch all episodes on YouTube.

florence nightingale and a modern nurse

Florence Nightingale: Leader, Icon, Pioneer

Meet Florence Nightingale - the founder of modern nursing, a healthcare pioneer, a trailblazer and a leader. Join the Florence Nightingale Museum to find out about the important work of nurses and midwives and Nightingale herself.

stormy waves

Make a storm jar

Create a sensory storm! Find a container to put some water in then Emily from Tangled Feet will show you how to do the rest.

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The Ramones at the Camden Roundhouse

Homework for Punks

Your chance to get familiar with some of the iconic artists that have played at Camden Roundhouse – Bowie, Blondie and the Ramones. For age 11+.