WOWsers of the World!

The Women of the World Foundation brings its Wowsers learning programme. Over five workshops, you'll creatively learn about gender equality, celebrate difference and discover inspirational women and girls driving for change in this fun activity pack.

Lambeth Country Show Ram

Join Lambeth’s Best In Show Competition

Do you like to dress up and be silly? If so, take part in our Best In Show! Grab your mum, carer, cat, or grandpa and dress them up as a farm animal of your choice. We want to see your best attempts to bring that farmyard feeling into your homes.

The Boury Academy

Join Boury Academy for a Mini B’s Zoom!

Every Sunday at 1pm The Boury Academy will run their free performing arts class for ages 4-7. Expect an energetic time as you dance, sing and act with their amazing teachers direct to your living room!

Windrush motif

Windrush Day Art Pack

Everything you need to decorate your windows and doorsteps in time for Windrush Day on June 22. Share your Windrush Day stories, photographs of your artwork and join us to sing for Windrush!

Adventures in History

Life Under the Sea with Imperial War Museum

Can you imagine what it would be like to live at the bottom of the sea? The Imperial War Museum interviews Ed from the Royal Navy who tells us all about what it’s like to work on a submarine and spend months living deep beneath the waves.