ELEVATE is Lambeth’s mission to open up the creative and cultural sector to every young person in the borough.

Catalysed by Lambeth Council, with a network of creative, community and youth partners, ELEVATE’s vision is for a future where everyone can benefit from a rich, dynamic and diverse cultural environment.

We want every young person under the age of 30 to shape culture, music, fashion, theatre, art, design, digital and more.

We want to unlock talent and potential, and give young people from all backgrounds the chance to build skills and access training and employment in the creative industries.

We want every contributor to these industries – from the national institutions on the South Bank to start-ups in Streatham – to understand and act on the part they can play in offering young people genuine opportunity to contribute to Lambeth’s creativity.



If you would like to know more about ELEVATE, or if you have creative opportunities you would like to share with us (on either our Learning Activities page, or Careers Opportunities page) please email: ELEVATE@lambeth.gov.uk

At present, all opportunities are free for participants to get involved in.  We currently share learning, enrichment, training and work opportunities for young people aged 18-30, and professional development opportunities for cultural and educational professionals.