About Elevate

Elevate's vision is for every young person in Lambeth to benefit from a dynamic and diverse creative sector

Elevate connects Lambeth young people with creativity and culture.  With our partners we build opportunities in education, training and employment.

While Lambeth is in lockdown, we want to make sure you continue to have the tools you need to be active, curious and inspired.

Our young ambassador (Elevator) Kyra explains why this is so important: “Creativity during the COVID19 crisis is essential.  Creativity helps keep us happy and uplifted. Creativity gives everyone a chance to express themselves”.

The activities have been produced by artists and educators; designers and dancers; poets and performers from across the UK.  All adapting their practice to bring creativity online.

A big thank you to everyone who is featured.

We hope this website helps everyone in Lambeth, and beyond, to stay creative.

Lambeth Elevate woman pose on orange background