Elevate's vision is for every young person in Lambeth to benefit from a dynamic and diverse creative sector

Take a look at how we've been working to achieve this.

859 Active participants better linked to creative industry employers
215 Young creatives' talent showcased
89 Engaged in skills and leadership support through school programmes

Taking part has made me want to step out and
find more programmes... it made me realise I could
do jobs that I want to have on my CV.

Inside Out Participant

I know so
much more about how a business works.
Personally, the programme really helped
me become more confident because I did
so many things that were outside of my
comfort zone.

Pop Brixton Participant

I don’t think we would have secured funding
if it wasn’t for ELEVATE. I learned how a
different language is needed for funding
applications. Now, I have a blueprint of
how to talk eloquently about what we do.

Victoria Ijeh
Founder & CEO, Iconic Steps

The connections made through ELEVATE have benefitted us in growing our peer network and through that our knowledge base and capacity. The relationships that emerged have allowed us to socialise our future plans - this informal support has been invaluable.

Bayo Obasaju
Programmes and Partnerships Lead, Makeshift Foundation

The best element of WOWsers from my perspective is the access students got to young professionals in the industry…. It just reinforces the message they get from school and gives the opportunity to see people that look like them in a context that they wouldn’t normally see them in.

Jordan Crawford
Assistant Head Teacher of Key Stage 4, Lilian Bayliss School